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This collection takes you to Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Norway. A few of the many highlights include lush landscapes, beautiful black sands beaches, countless sheep, and quaint colorful villages.

I have been taking photographs for several years and have traveled to many different countries and national parks, but the amount of beauty per square foot in Iceland is not comparable.  The entirety of Iceland feels like a national park. Iceland has so much to offer, with the black sand beaches, waterfalls, lava fields, mountains, horses and of course sheep - lots of sheep.

A hidden gem with a population less than 60,000, the Faroe Islands still feels unexplored. The archipelago is located between Iceland and Norway and boasts rugged and rocky peaks, steep cliffs, and narrow fjords.

Midnight sun in northern Norway provides 24 hours of daylight to capture all the beauty to be offered. Lofoten Islands and Senja offer amazing hikes that take you to summits that overlook the ocean, fjords, and sharp rugged terrain.

All artwork can be securely purchased as a limited edition print through the product page. Simply click on the artwork of interest to see more details. I currently offer two limited edition print options, Fujiflex Crystal Archival paper and Gallery Acrylic.

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